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I am of peace. Always.

Semi-locked. Please read and comment here if you want to do the friending thing.

This is, for the most part, a tv/fandom and film-related journal; my current (I am monomaniacal AND fickle) television fandoms of focus are the following:

30 Rock
Parks & Rec
BSG (currently rewatching)
Big Love
Things with Elizabeth Mitchell in them
Things with Anna Torv in them

and more, indeed (constants: Firefly, Lost, Twin Peaks (and David Lynch), BtVS, The X-Files, Farscape).

Simply, I love great TV and talented actors, and I talk about them.

I'm a vidder, graphics maker (photoshop is a zen kind of thing), fanmixer (is that a word, even?), and writer (though I don't write enough). I post these types of fannish goods over in my shared creative journal, [livejournal.com profile] sync_slaying. If these various and sundry thingos are all you're looking for, you might just want to watch the comm (They are often pimped out on this journal as well, depending).

Occasionally, a bit of RL seeps in, here and there.

If you're interested in friending me, just drop a comment here. If we share some sort of common ground, I will most probably do the friending thing back, no worries.

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