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Mixes, Fic, and Vids. Not in any particular order.


01. 3 years later (james/juliet).
02. that there are less to come (juliet, juliet and rachel)
03. the third time (juliet, juliet and edmund)
04. acclimate (james/juliet)
05. morning (james/juliet)
06. tangled (james/juliet)
07. for juliet (1991) (jack/juliet)

01. sting (mal/inara).
02: we are nowhere and it's now (mal/inara, [livejournal.com profile] 5denouement).
03: a kiss across the ocean blue (mal/inara, [livejournal.com profile] 5denouement).

01: v/fringe: i'll tell you how the sun rose a ribbon at a time (erica/olivia).
02. doctor who/firefly: shift (ten/inara).

01: spooks: mythologies (zoe/will).
02: jennifer's body: sandbox love (jennifer/needy, for yuletide).
03. farscape: stones vs. beatles (general).
04. doctor who: wish you were here (ten, martha, ten/rose, ten/martha).
05. legend of the seeker: fulfilled (richard/kahlan).


01. Ashes to Ashes: Alcohol (Alex Drake).
02. Twin Peaks: Ordinary Girl (Laura Palmer).
03. Big Love: At My House(s) (general).
04. David Lynch films: Seven (general, co-edited with [livejournal.com profile] hollywoodgrrl).


01. Firefly: One Too Many Fights (Mal/Inara, .zip not available).
02. Firefly: Hootenanny! A Shindig Mix (Mal/Inara, .zip not available).
03. Doctor Who: More Than a Heartbeat (Martha Jones, Ten/Martha).
04. Firefly: Malcolm Reynolds: A Fanmix (Captain Tightpants).
05. Doctor Who: The Magic Position (Ten/Rose).
06. Doctor Who: Until We Decide We Are Done (Ten/Martha, .zip not available).
07. Pushing Daisies: Three Wishes (Ned/Chuck).
08. Ashes to Ashes: Pretend the World Has Ended (Alex Drake).
09. Doctor Who: Bedroom Dancing (Ten/Reinette).
10. Tipping the Velvet: Footlight Bows (Kitty/Nan).
11. Ashes to Ashes: Senses Working Overtime (Gene Hunt, Gene/Alex).
12. Torchwood: Map of the Falling Sky (general).
13. Ashes to Ashes: Bulletproof (Gene/Alex).
14. Twin Peaks: The Secret Fanmix of Laura Palmer (Laura Palmer, co-made with [livejournal.com profile] hollywoodgrrl).
15. LOST: Echoes of Long Ago (James/Juliet).
16. V: I'm in the Fire (general).
17. LOST: Pursuit of Happiness (Kate Austen).
18. LOST: Welcome Home (Jack Shephard).
19. LOST: A Song to Bring You Home (James/Juliet).
20. V: Postcards from Purgatory (Jack/Erica).
21. Ashes to Ashes: Click Boom Boom (Alex Drake).
21-25: Firefly: [livejournal.com profile] 5denouement (Mal/Inara fic + mix project, co-made with [livejournal.com profile] lostcointoss).
26. LOST: For Juliet (1991) (Jack/Juliet).
27. Fringe: The World is a Lie (Altlivia/Peter).
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