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Dearest festividder!

Firstly and #1 thank you for making me a vid! I hope something on this list appeals to you and makes you excited to spend your holiday times ripping source and hunched over you computer (not that that's not everyone's general default state, anyway).

Secondly and #2, I'm pretty easy to please! That's basically all you need to know. I didn't list anything when signing up musically or details-wise, as I don't really have anything super in-depth in mind or to request. I can, however, say a little bit about each show/movie in terms of what floats my boat.

RE: MUSIC: I haven't specified any music (not really, anyway), for I don't have any particular songs in mind. I like to think that I like all kinds of genres so am open-minded re: song choice. It could sound like it perfectly matches the tone of the source or it could be opposite of what you'd normally associate, whatever works with your idea! Here's a link to all the music I've reblogged or posted on Tumblr - if that gives off an impression of the kind of stuff I'm most keen on, perhaps?


Probably one of the greatest shows ever made? And one of the reasons being there are amazing female characters. A vid highlighting these awesome women would be awesome. Love Jane and Joanie - something about them wouldn't go amiss. Otherwise, totally cool with a general vid about the series/the world they all live in.


Honestly, anything goes for this. It's shiny and new and one of the best things going on TV right now. I'd probably be most thrilled re: a character study of Carrie and/or Brody, separate or together or both etc.


The first film is hands down one of my favorite movies of all time. You could take this in any direction you want. Serious, cracky, I don't care. (I would mainly say, since the request said the series as a whole, just to stick to the first film, or just Jaws and Jaws 2. [Who needs the rest. Certainly not the fourth. Though it's existence is possibly worthwhile merely for the episode of How Did This Get Made? in which it's the featured film.]) Shark!


I'd kiss you on the mouth if you the focus for this vid could be about Joan. Or Don/Joan. Or Betty. Or Don/Betty. Or Megan. or Don/Megan. Or, like Deadwood, all of the excellent ladies in general. I do love everyone on this show and wouldn't mind something more general, but definitely those are my particular people/shippy areas of interest of late.


Just be badass with these fabulous action films. I love this entire series and think a vid showcasing them all would be f'ing fantastic (especially as they get more and more intense regarding action sequences), but seeings as it was one of my top films of the last two years, if you just wanted to stick to Ghost Protocol I would be 100% cool with that.


I like Elizabeth Mitchell's face, basically. Family (both by blood and not) dynamics. All that fun stuff. (Actually. I will say one thing. I'd probably be not so keen on a Miles-centric vid. Perhaps there's a pattern emerging wherein my lady bias is showing.)

ROMY AND MICHELE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION: Have the most fun you've ever had with this one.

TREME: At one point in my life, I wanted to make a Treme vid to Janelle Monae's Tightrope. Something celebratory and fun for a show that more people should watch. Also. Again. Ladies. Ensemble vid about all the ladies. That would be. :')