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Name:sippin' propane topped with a cherry
Birthdate:Jul 1
Location:New York, United States of America

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1981, alex drake (hbic), all wine ever, anna torv, ashes to ashes funk to funky, belligerent sexual tension, bi-curious shoes, british telly, buffy anne summers, cinema studies, classic film, color-coded parallel universes, dana katherine scully, dharmaville, eleventy, elizabeth mitchell, embracing the synth, emoting to 80s music, epic woobies, erica vs. the space lizards, fanmixes, fbi agents sans sensible shoes, fictional history, film and television criticism, fire walk with me, firefly, fringe, fuck heineken! pabst blue ribbon!, gay for kahlan, gwen cooper pwnage, history, joss whedon, juliet burke (hbic), keeley hawes, keeley!romana, kick drum!, lafleur(s), lom, lost, lots, lynch tarantino hitchcock and etc., lynchian aesthetics, lynchian music, mad men, matthew's fearsome cuspids, media theory, meta, new romantics, new wave, new york city cupcakes, oh sawyer, olivia dunham (hbic), olivia dunham whiskey dinners, paris cafes at 4pm, photoshop, plots that swim ashore sans shirt, quadralalangles, shipping epic woobies, space cowboys and space cowgirls, special agent dale cooper, spooks, tableaux of woe, television, television afterlife limbos, that one relationship trope, the gene genie, the walking dead, the x-files, the zombie apocalypse, time travel, tina fey, torchwoot, tv writing, twin peaks, vampires, vidding, who killed laura palmer?, wolverine and/or werewolves, writing
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