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Enter yourDear Festividder, 

It always takes me extra time to post these and I'm sorry for the delay! On to the things:

General music note: I love most music! My tastes are many and varied, so I wouldn't stress yourself over the music selection. (My Spotify discover weekly tends to give me a lot of alternative/indie/indie folk/electronic, just as an idea of what I usually lean towards, but for vids anything goes if it's a match for the fandom/idea!). 

A Streetcar Named Desire (2014) [Performance]

I loved, loved, loved seeing this performed - on screen, not live - and Gillian Anderson's performance as Blanche should have won her an Olivier, what the hell. The actual version that was filmed for the National Theatre Live broadcast was so well done and the source looks awesome. It's live theater so definitely a challenge from the usual, but I think a vid highlighting Gillian's performance in this would be so damn stylish and cool. 

The Fall [TV]

I'm getting all messed up because I almost called Gillian Stella when writing about Streetcar. Wrong character. Stella Gibson, however, is in The Fall, and I would love a character study about her. Definitely Stella as a focal point would be so great, or it could be focused on her and Paul [akin to the show itself], or her and all the other characters. Stelllaaaaaaaaaa! 

Fear The Walking Dead [TV]

I really loved this spinoff. Having become frustrated with TWD, I liked how FtWD introduced a new set of characters that I found so immediately likeable (for the most part). General works for this great ensemble! As a long time fan of Kim Dickens, I was drawn to Madison, and loved her relationship with her kids, particularly with Nick (also, if you're leaning toward a teen focus: Alicia and/or Nick (and shipping them would not be a problem for me).

House of Cards US (2013) [DVD, Web]

Claire. Or Claire and Frank. I have a lot of feelings about the Underwoods, these modern D.C. Macbeths. Anything exploring there relationship together would be awesome. Also down for anything involving Jackie and/or any of the other excellent female characters on this show. 

Imagine Me & You (2005) [Movie]

I love this adorable film, and Lena Headey's face is one of my favorites. There are so many sweaters. A cosy vid for this cosy film would warm my heart right up this winter. 

It Follows (2014) [Movie]

This is one of my favorite films of the last couple of years. It's a great contemporary horror movie that references what came before in the genre but in a way that fells fresh and is actually scary. I love vids for horror films, and I would love a vid for It Follows that captures how wonderful/scary/smart it is. 

The Sopranos [TV]

I just watched The Sopranos this year and, of all of the "Golden Age of Television" that deal with male anti-heroes, it quickly became my favorite. There's so much to explore in The Sopranos that I'd be happy with a general vid, but I also adore all of the women in this show. So, so, so, so, so much love for Carmela, Melfi, Adriana, and Meadow. 

The Leftovers (2014) [TV]

This show is wonderfully visual, deep, dark, and challenging. Despite some flaws in the first season, I think it's one of my favorite shows on TV right now and there's so much material that would be great for vidding. I love most of the characters, but Nora Durst is my queen. Anything about the guilty remnant/Patty would be wonderful, too.  cut contents here.



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